Hey SANSHU ARMY! Last week was a very exciting Milestone that took place for not only SANSHU INU & Crypto, but also the Minecraft Community as well. That’s right! Crypto’s First Minecraft Server has Officially Launched Beta on MineCraft JAVA Edition (Bedrock Coming Soon) & Is Currently LIVE For Everyone To Join! Not only will players have the ability to Play-Win-Earn SANSHU, but also have the ability to engage with Minecraft’s 170 Million Active Players! The Minecraft Server features Mini Games, Survival, Creative, & PVP. We’re currently in the process of developing custom game modes to make the server very well attractive to new users! As well as allow players to turn their plots of lands in Creative into NFT’s which will be available on DOGPARK V1.

To kick things off, we’ve decided to have our first Creative Plot Challenge just for the Community! Where $500 was split between 3 Contestants & Their Creative Plots! We went LIVE on Twitch to share with the wonderful creativity that flows within our community.

First Ever SANSHU Creative Plot Challenge Results:

$250 SANSHU First Place Winner: TELLOL
$150 SANSHU Second Place Winner: MidSizedKing
$100 SANSHU Third Place Winner: Outpostterra

There were a few Honorable Mentions that were selected for the Challenge, which resulted in a total of 6 Winners! All selected contestants will have their plot of land turned into an NFT. Which will be Available on the new Upcoming MFUND Marketplace on DOGPARK. Thanks to the Community for taking part in a successful launch!


While the server is free for all to play, there is also a Subscription Tier within the SANSHU INU Minecraft that includes commands as well as additions to make the playing experience even more exciting and intuitive.

Pup, SANSHU, & SANSHU+ Tiers

PUP — $10–3 Months

Access to /AFK.

Access to /Enderchest.

Access to Pup rewards.

Access to set multiple homes.

Access to Kit Pup

Receive 1000 Token in-game-currency

Receive the weekly Pup key

Pup prefix in the chat.

Pup prefix in the tab.​

SANSHU — $25–3 Months

Access to /afk.

Access to /feed.

Access to /heal.

Access to have a color nickname.

Access to /enderchest.

Access to Sanshu rewards.

Access to set multiple homes.

Access to kit Sanshu

Access merging two plots in creative.

Receive 2500 Token in-game

Receive the weekly Sanshu key

Sanshu prefix in the chat.

Sanshu prefix in the tab.​

SANSHU+ — $50–5 Months

Payment Gateway To Buy Tiers Will Launch Early September.


We want to continue the hype of our exciting launch, so we’ve decided to up the prize to $1,000 in SANSHU for only ONE lucky contestant! This however is going to be a bit different in terms of qualifications.

How To Enter For A Chance To Win:

  1. Stream yourself joining the server and claiming your plots of land using the “/plot claim” command.
  2. While streaming, simply start constructing your claimed plots!
  3. Retweet SANSHU INU’s Tweet, Use Hashtags: #SANSHUINU #Minecraft #Cryptocurrency, & Reply Your Streamed Content In The Comments!
  4. Have Fun!

This challenge will end in 2 weeks, September 9th 2021. Good Luck To All The Participants!

Minecraft Server Address: “mc.sanshuinufinance.com”

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