To Our Dear Sanshu Army,

It has been a challenging couple of weeks for Sanshu and we would like to sincerely thank our community for staying strong and giving us a ton of valuable feedback, not to mention the enormous support.

As you all know, on the evening of July 20, 2021, around 8PM UTC, Dogpark’s MemeStake Contract was attacked by what we believe was a Reentrancy Attack. All pending and future farming & staking rewards were drained from the DogPark MemeStake Contract and sold onto the open market by the attacker. All Keanu staked on the DogPark was exposed to this vulnerability, and this prevented Community Members from unstaking their tokens.

At Sanshu, security for our community members is of the utmost importance. This is why we partnered with Solidity Finance to conduct a simulation of hundreds of thousands of interactions with our Smart Contract to determine if any security vulnerabilities existed. Solidity Finance’s audit results assured us that our smart contracts had passed the security test and so our Dev Team is now investigating how this attack could possibly have happened, since we had successfully passed a security audit.

The audit of Dogpark, SANSHU and MFUND can be found here.

New Governance Token, MFUND Rebase

Presently, we have closed the Dog Park Beta, due to the hacker liquidating all of the MFUND to the open market, which rendered us unable to reward users with MFUND for staking their SANSHU and other Dog Tokens.

While this presented itself as a plot twist to the roadmap that we had for the Dogpark, we have decided to navigate it by introducing a new reward token in Dogpark V1, to replace the role of MFUND. This reward token will also have a governance functionality that empowers the SANSHU army to participate in decision making that shapes the direction of the project.

As for MFUND, we are working closely with a top Oracle provider to initiate the rebase protocol to peg the value of MFUND to the total market cap of BTC, ADA, ETH & DOGE. This will be coming within the next week or two.


Over the last two weeks, Sanshu Team has been subjected to a lot of false claims of being a scam/rugpull. It is a bit disheartening when our Community that has had so much faith and trust in us starts to see us in this light, but we want to assure you that we are not scammers. We are innovators in the Crypto space who are aiming to bring excitement and an element of fun to investing within this realm. With this being said, the following are the actions that we will be taking to compensate community members.

Main Dev — SanshuBro To Compensate All Affected

Our Main DEV SanshuBro will be compensating all who were affected by the exploit within the next 1–2 weeks. If you held Keanu up until the day of the hack, kindly let us know by filling out the following form.


SanshuBro will send the compensation based on the google form and send them the money by ERC20. Moreover, SanshuBro will cover the gas fees for sending these funds, just to show you how sorry the team is for this inconvenience.

We believe that Sanshu can thrive by constantly challenging ourselves with the community. Our mission in DeFi is to be more accessible and more inclusive and we will not allow this incident to discourage us from achieving this.

We’d Like To Give A Shout Out To SANSHU ARMY, Marketing Team, & The Designer Team.


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