As you all know the MemeStake Contract was attacked earlier this week. We apologize for this. Currently the Product Engineering Team (OwenOwen,TheOnlyOne, SanshuBro, & ConwayConstar) are working tirelessly to bounce back from this situation.

The MemeStake Contract currently doesn’t contain any MFUND Tokens, this causes the issuance mechanism to fail. Because of this rewards you are seeing on DOGPARK are incorrect, if you were to withdraw yourself you would be withdrawn a zero wasting your eta on gas.

We have a mechanism in place that allows for us to safely transfer all of your staked tokens back into your wallets. If you look from line 1329 in our taking contract you can see this function. (https://etherscan.io/address/0x35C674C288577Df3e9b5dafEF945795b741c7810#code)

It would be beneficial for us to run these in the pools and stop people from adding anymore and trying to get a reward they just won’t get.

Rather than just do this straight away we are going to put it up to a vote across Discord and Telegram for you to decide.

Following this we will remove the Memestake pools from dog park so no one enters them again (If you do go to the contract page and withdraw from there https://etherscan.io/address/0x35C674C288577Df3e9b5dafEF945795b741c7810#writeContract)

After you withdraw we recommend you adding the Mfund to a wETH/MFUND pairing (https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0x0ed2b16d5ac4a997f896562f7e8a8a357c1f8222) or any other stable coin pairing.

Our NEW DEV Team will be building secure liquidity pools which will fuel an entirely new echo system.

We are currently working with a top Oracle provider to initiate the rebase which will be calculated from the total market cap of BTC, ADA, ETH & DOGE.

We’d Like To Give A ShoutOut To SANSHU ARMY, Marketing Team, & The Designer Team.


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