Last month, on June 18TH at 11PM EST SANSHU released WOOFDATE 1.0! A new Monthly Series coming straight from the SANSHU DEV Team! The reaction from the Community was quite overwhelming! Never has the DEV Team received such amount of love and interest. Due to this great success, Sanshu will be releasing a new WOOFDATE on the 18th of every month! Save the date on your calendar 💜🥳

Yesterday, Sanshu Released WOOFDATE 2.0! This time better than ever before, what a great way to inform the community about developments and upcoming events!

Lets dive right into WOOFDATE 2.0 RECAP:

SANSHU INU Minecraft Server

In WOOFDATE 1.0, Sanshu Announced that a Minecraft Server was in development where Gamers can be able to Play, Win & Earn Sanshu. Upon finalizing the server, the team reconsidered and decided to add more features such as more Game Modes, PVP & Custom Environments to give players an immense experience!

This allows for the community to be more engaged for one another, and for users who already play Minecraft to join the World of Crypto.

Also many different skins from your favorite dog tokens will be available for FREE!

Stay tuned and join our BETA release early August!


A week ago, a poll was posted on Twitter to see which Dog Tokens the Community wished to see listed onto DOGPARK. Based off the results, it was very clear which tokens had to be listed next.

• Kishu Inu
• Shiba Inu
• Hokkaidu Inu

We look forward to announcing the release date for !

Cryptos First Manga — The Myth of Sanshu

Since Sanshu is dubbed “The Kawaii Deflationary Crypto”, it’s only fair that a Manga had to be developed! A month ago in our First Woofdate, the community was informed of it’s release Summer 2021. We’re here to Announce the Volume One of The Myth of Sanshu will be LIVE in August.

Smart Contract Audits

Sanshu went ahead and requested for Solidity Finance to carry out an Audit Evaluation of 3 Smart Contracts, and passed with flying colors. Read this article for more details : Click Here for More Information


Since the release of Dog Park on June 20th, the Community tested out the beta for the Yield Farming Platform and those who participated gets rewarded an index token called MFUND. MFUND is a rebase token pegged to the Marketcap of Meme Coins. After the 60 days of farming ends, the tokenomics of MFUND will update and the supply will be changed according to the movement of the Meme Market.

It was Announced that MFUND will also be used to buy NFT’s, Merch, as well be incorporated with SANSHU Gaming! This gives users the ability to make use of their MFUND tokens and continue farming before the period ends.

Follow MFUND’s Twitter for More Updates!

Dog Park 1.0

We had to end the WOOFDATE with a BANG! So we wanted to present to the Community the UI Update to DOGPARK. Version 1.0.0 will feature a complete overhaul that’s not only pleasing to the eye but also is more user friendly! We wanted for DOGPARK to really capture SANSHU’s essense and fully intergrate both SANSHU + MFUND in a way that made sense.

More on the Release Date of 1.0.0 will be Revealed Soon!

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