Hey SANSHU ARMY! Last week was a very exciting Milestone that took place for not only SANSHU INU & Crypto, but also the Minecraft Community as well. That’s right! Crypto’s First Minecraft Server has Officially Launched Beta on MineCraft JAVA Edition (Bedrock Coming Soon) & Is Currently LIVE For Everyone…

To Our Dear Sanshu Army,

It has been a challenging couple of weeks for Sanshu and we would like to sincerely thank our community for staying strong and giving us a ton of valuable feedback, not to mention the enormous support.

As you all know, on the evening of July…


As you all know the MemeStake Contract was attacked earlier this week. We apologize for this. Currently the Product Engineering Team (OwenOwen,TheOnlyOne, SanshuBro, & ConwayConstar) are working tirelessly to bounce back from this situation.

The MemeStake Contract currently doesn’t contain any MFUND Tokens, this causes the issuance…

Last month, on June 18TH at 11PM EST SANSHU released WOOFDATE 1.0! A new Monthly Series coming straight from the SANSHU DEV Team! The reaction from the Community was quite overwhelming! Never has the DEV Team received such amount of love and interest. Due to this great success, Sanshu will…

Sanshu is proud to announce that we have successfully completed 3 different audits of our smart contracts and tokens. So far the audits covered Sanshu Inu, MemeFund & MemeStake!

Here you can find the audit reports published by Solidity Finance on their Website: https://solidity.finance/audits/SanshuInu/

Smart Contract Name:
Sanshu Inu
Completion Date…

Sanshu Inu Finance Logo

In less time than it takes to walk a dog to the park the Sanshu community has become one of the most dedicated and welcoming crypto meme clans.

If you’ve ever had the experience of raising a puppy, you know just how cute a baby meme dog can be.


Sanshu Inu

Welcome to the Official Sanshu Inu Medium! The Community Powered Kawaii Deflationary Crypto 💜

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